Participation (15% of final grade)
Students must attend our weekly seminar meeting having completed all the assigned readings and coming prepared to actively engage in discussion. Attendance is expected to all seminar meetings. If due to extenuating circumstances you must miss one meeting, please discuss this with me in advance of that date.

Exhibition visit (10% of final grade)
The last four weeks of the seminar will be devoted to visiting exhibitions selected by the students, to be accompanied by readings also suggested by the students (in consultation with the professor). During the visit, the student responsible for that selection will give a short overview of the exhibition, pose questions for us to consider, and discuss a few objects in the exhibition.

Weekly posts (10% of final grade)
By 8pm on the Monday before each of our meetings, students will post a comment on our private online forum offering a comment and response to the week’s readings and previous visit. Students should read all their classmates’ posts before the seminar.

Short writing assignments (15% of final grade)
Students will attend three PST scholarly events of their choice, and write short (roughly 3- to 5-page) analyses of each event, relating it to exhibitions, readings, or class discussions as appropriate. These short essays should be circulated to the entire group. You can consult a list of some events that attracted my attention; please consult the vast schedule for a complete listing. If you plan on attending an event that is not listed below, please clear your selection with me beforehand.

Final presentation (10%)
Our final meeting will be dedicated to student presentations of their final projects, and feedback from the group.

Final paper (40%)
Each student will write a final paper, roughly 20-pages in length, reviewing and analyzing a group of exhibitions they visited during the seminar and addressing the larger issues they bring up concerning art, representation, history, culture, and politics in order to offer an argument. The paper is due no later than Monday, December 11th at 5pm. Please submit the paper via email or, if the file is larger than 4MB, via If you do not receive a confirmation, I have not received the paper.